EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility)

EPR as a philosophy is not a new concept. It has been utilized and embraced by many governments around the world for more than a decade.

Below are just some of the reasons why EPR programs are beneficial:

  • EPR shifts end-of-life costs to the producers and/or others in the product chain, rather than having the costs borne by municipalities and taxpayers.
  • Producers with expensive end-of-life management costs have both the incentive and opportunity to redesign their products to minimize these costs.
  • EPR creates incentives for producers to remove harmful substances from products and develop greener future designs.
  • EPR promotes innovation in recycling technology, thereby potentially reducing consumer product costs.
  • EPR creates a solid framework for continual program development, without the need for additional government legislation.
  • EPR helps in reducing the carbon footprint through the increased use of recycled materials.