Alberta Recycling announces new CEO ...

Alberta Recycling recently announced the engagement of a new Chief Executive Officer.  Edward Gugenheimer replaces Doug Wright, with whom the Canadian Association of Tire Recycling Agencies (CATRA) worked since its inception over two decades ago.

Ed holds a Chartered Professional Accounting (CPA) designation and has over 25 years of experience in fiscal governance and management.  His experience is diverse and includes C suite roles in both finance and operational capacities and more recently has been challenged to lead organizations in an executive capacity.  He has a strong background in the real estate sector as owner operator and his employment background includes companies like Cadillac Fairview, Alberta Investment Management Company (AIMCO), Edmonton Northlands and Sinclair Supply. For each role he was tasked with the development of strategy, building effective teams and optimizing operations to successfully support Board direction.

Ed’s position with Alberta Recycling commenced on March 20, 2019.  He can be contacted at 1.888.999.8762 or by e-mail:

CATRA wishes Doug Wright the best in his retirement and looks forward to working with Ed as Alberta continues to set an example of the achievements possible in recycling program management.

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