In July 2016, Recycle NB was pleased to announce the inclusion of bicycle tires and tubes in its tire recycling program.

Teaming up with the Canadian Independent Bike Retailers Association (CIBRA), the province’s bike shops, tire retailers, and Tire Recycling Atlantic Canada Corporation (TRACC), Recycle NB launched the pilot program to give cyclists the chance to recycle their old tires and tubes.

According to the province’s Minister of Environment and Local Government, this initiative is an excellent and innovative way to divert waste from New Brunswick landfills, embrace a greener economy and create jobs.

Collectors under the existing recycling program will pick up the bicycle tires and tubes as part of their routine tire collections – at no cost to either the cyclists or bike shops.  Citizens can find out where to recycle their bicycle tires by visiting

TRACC’s manufacturing plant in Minto New Brunswick will use the tires and tubes in the production of cattle mattresses and crumb rubber which will be used in a variety of products.

Recycle NB oversees the recycling of the province’s waste tires, paint, electronics, oil and glycol.  Information on Recycle NB and its programs is available at

For further information on this expansion of NB’s program, including the official kick-off event, please see Recycle NB’s full press release.