The Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) based in Washington D.C. recently released its statistics on scrap tire management in the U.S.

As the national trade association representing tire manufacturers in the U.S., the RMA’s scrap tire management efforts are a reflection of the tire industry’s commitment to the concept of shared responsibility for its products when not suitable for use on vehicles.

The RMA supports scrap tire markets that are environmentally sound and economically feasible and works with the U.S. EPA and other stakeholders to foster those goals.

In addition to an overview of current State programs, the RMA’s 2015 U.S. scrap tire profile includes statistics on:

  • Scrap tire disposition (end markets) – 2007 to 2015
  • Scrap tire trends (total generated versus total to market) – 2007 to 2015
  • Scrap tire market trends – 2005 to 2015
  • Tire Derived Fuel (TDF) markets – 2005 to 2015
  • Ground rubber markets – 2005 to 2015
  • Civil engineering markets – 2005 to 2015
  • Stockpiled scrap tires – 1990 to 2015

The RMA’s comprehensive statistics on scrap tire management are available at