Survey aims to dispel myths and misinformation about Ontario’s tire recycling program ...

Results show most Ontarians agree purchasing recycled products helps

combat climate change: eTracks

A recently released survey conducted by eTracks Tire Management Systems — a company that works on behalf of tire producers to meet their regulatory obligations of recycling tires  — is looking to dispel the myths and misinformation about the tire recycling industry, and with good cause: the survey revealed that only one third (37 per cent) of Ontarians know that, in Ontario, tires are recycled. The survey also found that nearly half (49 per cent) of Ontarians do not know whether tires are recycled or thrown into landfills. The good news is 81 per cent agree that purchasing recycled products helps to combat climate change.

“Regardless of some of these knowledge gaps and myths, it’s encouraging to know Ontarians want to help the environment,” said Steve Meldrum, CEO of eTracks Tire Management Systems. “And while the survey shows that knowledge of the tire recycling industry is mixed, there’s an opportunity to use these results as a tool to change perceptions and help eliminate misinformation. More people could help combat climate change if they purchased recycled tire products after recognizing the high standards for recycling and knew more about the kind of products produced using recycled tires.”

For details of the survey results, see eTracks’ full news release published on September 9, 2020.

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