Tire Recycling Fees across Canada – updated Summary published ...

The Canadian Association of Tire Recycling Agencies (CATRA) has updated its summary of “Tire Recycling Fees by Province by Tire Type” effective January 2019.  The update reflects the change in CATRA’s Ontario Member to eTracks Tire Management Systems from Ontario Tire Stewardship.

A Tire Recycling Fee or TRF is the fee collected by a provincial tire stewardship organization to ensure that the tire will be managed responsibly at the end of its useful life (i.e. diverted from the landfill for recycling).

The updated summary is available on the CATRA website in both English and French.

Want more information?

The TRF summary is prepared by CATRA for general information purposes only.  Information on both the responsible stewards and the actual TRFs to be remitted is available from the individual tire stewardship organizations.