Judge gives nod to 

Nova Scotia’s TDF pilot ...

A Provincial Supreme Court judge has dismissed a request by a residents’ group for a judicial review of the Environment Minister’s approval for the use of tire derived fuel (TDF) at Brookfield’s Lafarge cement plant.

Assessing the project’s approval as reasonable, the judge’s March 20th dismissal means that Lafarge’s pilot project can proceed with using about 20 tonnes of whole-tire TDF per day as a replacement fuel in one of its kilns.

The plant’s request for a one-year pilot received the Ministry’s go-ahead in July 2017.  The objective of the pilot is to determine the results of burning TDF in place of traditional fossil fuels such as coal and petcoke.

Lafarge has a contract with Divert NS, managers of the province’s successful tire recycling program, to provide the used tires for the pilot.

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