UPDATE:  The Government of Yukon announced that it will postpone the implementation of its amended recycling regulation, discussed below.  For further information, see Yukon's official announcement of July 12, 2016:  http://www.gov.yk.ca/news/16-257.html#.V4_ozLiAOkq

The Government of Yukon has announced the upcoming modernization of its recycling system.  The changes include amendments to its Designated Materials Regulation (see Order No. O.I.C. 2016/88) which covers tires and other goods, and reflect significant progress in the system’s structure.

Taking effect on October 11, 2016, the adjustments will result in the increased diversion of tires from Yukon landfills and better cover the costs of tire handling, transporting and recycling.

The existing Designated Materials Regulation applies a surcharge only to tires with a 24.5-inch rim size or smaller, which are currently assigned a flat rate of $5 per tire.  The October amendment will add larger tire categories, and surcharges will be implemented to more closely align with the cost of the tire’s end-of-life management:

Tire Rim Size                            Surcharge

17 inches and smaller                       $7

18 to 22 inches                                  $15

Greater than 22 inches                   $50

Used tires can be dropped off at depots/waste facilities permitted by the Ministry of Community Services and consumers will no longer have to pay a “tipping fee” to do so.

As part of the changes, all manufacturers, distributors and retailers of tires sold in Yukon must register with the Yukon government and maintain information on the tires they supply and the related surcharges.

Anyone with questions about these changes should continue to visit the Yukon Government’s website for information updates, or send an inquiry to YGrecycles@gov.yk.ca